Phil Pickwick - Strange name, are you a real person?

I Most Certainly Am.

This is me on one of my smarter looking days, that's me in the website header picture too, looking a bit more chilled.....though I think it was about 100 degrees in the shade to be honest.

I'm British, married, have 2 grown up daughters and a grown up son, and live in the country not far from Milton Keynes (about 50 miles north of London, England).

So you're a Profit Mentor are you - what's that?

Warning - boring bit alert!

Profit is a word more usually associated with business, but it can, and should, also apply to a personal or home situation. Put simply:

Profit = incoming money - outgoing money

So if you can save outgoing money (ie what you spend), make more incoming money (ie what you earn or get in allowances) or a combination of the two, then you should be capable of creating a 'profit' and hence give yourself extra money to pay off those bills or give yourself a treat.

A profit mentor is simply an expert who can help you make more money and save you weeks of work by showing you how to do things differently, this can be either in a business environment, as shown in Phil's business sites at BUSINESS PROFIT MENTOR and UK LOCAL BUSINESS, or privately, which is where this new website comes in.



Well, it boils down to having the experience, knowledge and skills of where to look and what to do to either save money or finds additional ways of making new money, both increase wealth.

Think of it this way - think of your own personal situation as a 'business', you may not realise it but your brain automatically runs your personal life just like a business asking the same questions they do (albeit perhaps a little bit more subliminally), like, "how can I make money?", "what do I need to do?", "how can I save money?", "what's the best deal?" etc etc.

But the real key, and what this site is all about , is knowing how to put all this together to make you extra money.

Can anyone benefit?


Absolutely, provided you follow the advice philpickwick.com provides, the most difficult bit is probably knowing how to switch a computer on and connect to the internet, the rest is plain sailing as we lead you through things step by step.

What Makes philpickwick.com an Expert?


Good question - philpickwick.com was set up by Phil Pickwick, a successful UK based business expert with more than 30 years experience in generating millions of pounds and dollars profit improvements for businesses. At the risk of sounding pompous...Google me and you'll see my business links and pedigree.

Now I'm bringing these skills and the required experience to the private market and into your home, so that individuals can benefit and make more wealth from applying simple processes and tips.

Isn't this stuff just for kids?


Absolutely not. It's about making yourself wealthier, are you ever too old for that?

philpickwick.com realise that some people may feel too old or too inexperienced to actually believe they can do these things -  and we understand that - but trust us you can and we will help you succeed.

Can't I just look these things up on the web?


Okay look at it this way - Could you learn to speak, read or write without help from others?

Simple answer is no.

Yes you can do bits and pieces by chasing round the web and hunting through books, but it's very fragmented and time consuming...... If you can spare the time and afford the risk you could learn certain bits from a book or the web? but what book?, what website?, what works?, what doesn't?, where do you find the right stuff?, who do you trust?, etc etc.

Now I'm not claiming to be the only one on the planet that can help you... but as my wife will testify, I am a trained profit mentor but have still spent months online trying to find the specific answers that would help you, sifting out the good guys from the bad guys, what works and what doesn't and the useless information from the useful. I am willing to share this experience with you to save you the time and effort of doing exactly what I did.

YOU COULD DO THE SAME SEARCHING!.... or you can cut down the time to success and reduce the risk by listening to the Profit Mentor.

I have no axe to grind - most information providers on the web are hard SELLING to you (its their job/life) - I've been there done that, so now its time to be grown up and say....if you want help - great I'm here.... and if you don't or want to find every reason under the sun to mock or be negative then perhaps I am not the right person to help you. YOUR CHOICE!

So what makes Phil Pickwick aka 'the Profit Mentor' different?


Well I think there are loads of reasons, but unlike most gurus on the web I realise that only you can decide what's important to you, so I'll throw in a few for you to consider, to compare against all those 'phantom experts' on the web, who's sole job is to sell you something, rather than help you.

My list includes:

  • I am a real person
  • I have over 30 years proven (factual) experience of making people money
  • I am professionally qualified in profit improvement (money making).
  • I have 6 figure 'bricks and mortar businesses' behind me
  • I have a track record (not just photo-shopped earnings graphs) - yes believe me - most of these are false!
  • I have a reputation to uphold
  • I really want to help you make more money
  • You can always contact me if I don't deliver.