Everyone is good at something!

I have spent many years helping businesses make money….

and the key thing I find time and time again….even in this 21st century PC world…. is how much people are underrated and undervalued. So many times I find the answers to problem areas provided not by the managers, but by the staff themselves, but they have not previously been encouraged to express their views or input their real knowledge. Have you ever encountered this situation?

I have yet to come across an individual who does not possess a set of special skills that would set them apart from others in certain areas. Now some of these skills may not  be directly work related, but the point is they have something that they are better at than other people, the key is firstly realising that this is true for each of us and secondly working out what that special thing is that WE each personally possess.

Too many times, so many of us get knock backs in life which may leave us feeling a bit demoralised and lacking in confidence, to the extent we quite often feel that we are no good at anything, which limits our ability to look at new challenges e.g changing job roles, moving home or even considering working from home or even making money online. If you’ve not seen our previous introductory video about making money online watch online or offline here, the video is a the bottom of the post.

So take it from my vast experience – everyone is good at something – so, believe in yourself, keep an open mind and just try to find out what your ‘thing’ is.

The second module in the short profit mentor make money online series looks at just this issue – what can I do online? Check it out below