Full Marks to the cartridge people

Congratulations to Cartridgepeople.com

A few weeks ago I was commenting about how some companies seem to get it so wrong in customer loyalty terms when it comes to repeat business. It seems that so many prefer to incur the cost of subsidising new customers whilst current customers get treated like mugs.

Well stand up and be applauded the Cartridge People. I only spent about £20 with them and they were the best deal I could find at the time anyway… and as loyalty they sent me a voucher for £5…that’s 25% off…… for nothing, there’s the proof below. I didn’t ask for it, they just sent is as they valued me as a customer. All you big bad boys take note!


So has it worked? Will I be using them again? Dead right I will.

The Profit Mentor Says – Support the companies that support you and save money into the bargain.