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Welcome Introduction

phil pickwick the profit mentor

Phil Pickwick the Profit Mentor

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

To make best use of the site I’d suggest that if you haven’t done so already, that you have a quick read of the FREE “7 Critical Steps to making More Money” Guide, available here.

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Its only short, as I believe your time is too valuable to waste ploughing through lengthy ‘fluff-filled’ reports in the hope of finding the one or two useful gems, but I’m sure it will help you understand your own situation, what you need to focus on and how the Profit Mentor can best help you boost your own personal money making.

Indeed, as you’ll see in this site, I’m a great believer in quick reads and short videos, because if you are anything like me, your time and attention span is short and you want the facts quickly without the fat.



Make MoneySo what’s it all about then?

This page is all about the big picture or the ‘HOW TO’ of making more money.

Extra tactics and tips on ‘WHAT you can do, are posted regularly in the make money posts section.

And I don’t believe in reinventing wheels, so where I find useful information or websites which you’ll find helpful in the quest to make more money and live a better lifestyle, I’ll point you towards them. So keep checking back for all the latest information.


Bottom Line Will this work?

currency icon 3d - gbpWill I really make money?

Well it’s a bold claim but – yes – THIS SITE CAN and SHOULD MAKE YOU MONEY…..provided you follow the advice to the letter – how much is down to you – but the key as always is to take action!

So read on and let’s get started….


Basics Part 1

Where are you now?

There are basically 5 key questions you need ask yourself first off:

  1. Do you know EXACTLY how much money is coming into your household each week?
  2. Do you have a WRITTEN record of where every penny is coming from?
  3. Do you know EXACTLY how much money is going out of your household each week?
  4. Do you have a WRITTEN record of where every penny is going to?
  5. Do you know where all the bits of paper are for any money coming in or any going out?

If you answered NO to any of the 5 questions above then you need to do something about it.

If you answered yes to question 5 then this will greatly help you in all the other areas.

It’s a bit like what happens with a lot of small business owners, say a painter and decorator, who is very good at decorating, but atrocious at figures, but providing he keeps all his receipts and other financial papers in one place (even a shoe box under the stairs), he or someone else can do the finances for him reasonably simply. But imagine the mess if these are not all in one place.

So the first task here is to dig out all the paperwork i.e. anything to do with money coming in or going out and put it in a box, a drawer, a file, anything where it can all sit and you know whenever anything else comes in to do with finances e.g. a receipt, a bill or a pay cheque, then they all get put in this one place.

So what about questions 1 to 4 then? Well here you have a few options:

  1. HARD – You can get a pen and a piece of paper and try to write everything down
  2. EASY – You can ‘fill-in’ the templates contained in the free book ‘7 critical steps to making more money‘.
  3. VERY EASY – You can ‘fill-in’ the boxes contained in the free model ‘the 7 steps model

Whichever method you choose, I’m sure once you get over the initial inertia of ‘having to do it’, you will find it not only an essential exercise but also eye opening too.


Basics Part 2

Your Goals?

Just like with a business, a critical step in the Profit Mentor process is to know where you currently sit financially, which hopefully you’ll now know if you followed part 1 above.

You now need to decide where you REALISTICALLY want to be ie. your GOAL.

Once you know this, then it will show straight away whether your initial focus should be on Making Money or Saving Money.

I use the word realistically here because it’s very easy to just say I would like to have a billion £’s, $’s etc. but short of winning the lottery, or being more than extremely fortunate business wise, the chances are you won’t get anywhere near achieving this and will just become quickly demoralized.

If you can balance the books, i.e. you are not in debt, well done!, then the initial focus should be on Making Money. That’s what this page is all about, so read on

If you can’t balance the books i.e. you are spending more than is coming in, don’t panic! at least you are on track to put this right. Your initial focus should be on Saving Money so you should head on over to this page to start.

That doesn’t mean in either situation above you shouldn’t do both, but there is a great danger in trying to do too much at once and getting overwhelmed and end up doing nothing, so prioritise what you need to do NOW and DO IT!

The difference between where you want to be and where you are now is your own personal gap, and with the help of and the Profit mentor tips, we’ll teach you how to plan to reduce this gap and help you achieve your goal.


Decision Time Online or Offline

 What do you want to try first ONLINE or OFFLINE?

Well it is 2016!

Check out the pro’s and con’s in ‘module 1’ of our simple video ‘explainer series’ below:










What could I do to make money ONLINE?

You’d be surprised.

But you’re intrigued by the possibilities aren’t you.

Well the key as always is to ‘do something’, so set your mindset to ‘doing something (anything) online.’ Don’t worry at this stage about making money from it we’ll cover that later, first off you need the bare basics.

There are generally 3 questions spring immediately to mind:

  1. What on earth could I do – I know nothing.
  2. I haven’t a clue about computers
  3. What do I do and where do I start.

So let’s look at what YOU could do ONLINE in ‘module 2’ of our simple video ‘explainer series’ below:










 Making Money from my Niche?

Thinking of the idea is key, but then you need to be confident you can do more than ‘play’ with the idea – you want to be able to make money from what you do.

So watch here in ‘module 3’ of our simple video ‘explainer series’ below, to discover the next step in making money online.









Online Open YOUR Imagination

 Thought specifically about internet marketing?

There are literally 100’s of ways of making money online and once you find your niche area, then let your imagination run riot in what sub niche areas you could cover within the global niche.

As an example – the profit mentor, has taken the niche area of INTERNET MARKETING and thought about what areas this actually covered.

Check out what sort of areas these are (yes – there are over 100 of them!) in ‘module 4’ of of our simple video ‘explainer series’ below











Basics for Getting Online

So you’re all fired up with what you could do now and have an outline plan as to how you can make money online… what do you do now then.

Well it’s not as difficult as you may think – Let – the Profit Mentor give you a quick overview as to the next step in your journey to a better lifestyle.

Watch here in ‘module 5 ‘ of our simple video ‘explainer series’ below, to discover the next step in making money online.






Look out for other simple explainer videos coming soon……..


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