Online or Offline

The burning question are being asked as we sail into 2016 happens to be….. is it better to try to make money online or offline?

The simple answer is it depends on your own circumstances.

A job is quite simply the most obvious way of making money OFFLINE….so if you want one or are interested in changing yours, you may like to check out our “1-stop jobs page” by clicking the button below.



But some people either can't get a job, are not being paid enough and need to look for extra cash, or are just plain fed-up with working for someone else and they want to set up their own business.

Here's where it gets interesting because today's ever expanding digital age gives you options for ONLINE as well as OFFLINE businesses.

Oh...and don't worry if you know nothing about websites and getting online and online businesses etc, anyone can do it with a tiny bit of guidance...and hence why Profit Mentor was born - to help you.

What's the pro's and con's..... well based on customer's requests to make things easily understandable we have produced a series of 'simple' explainer videos, so watch module 1 of the profit mentors simple 'explainer series'. below:








keep checking back for new videos being added regularly.