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Phil Pickwick the Profit Mentor

Phil Pickwick the Profit Mentor

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OKAY – big call by me but this site WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, how much is down to you, so read on and take action!

Feel free to scan the tips and ideas on this page but to make best use of the site I’d suggest that if you haven’t already done so , that you have a quick read of the FREE “7 Critical Steps to making More Money” Guide, available here.

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Its only short, as I believe your time is too valuable for ‘fluff-filled’ lengthy reports, but I’m sure it will help you understand your own situation, what you need to focus on and how the Profit Mentor can best help you boost your money Saving.


Save Money Introduction

So what’s it all about then?

This page is all about the big picture, the strategy or the ‘how to’ of saving money.

Extra tactics and tips on ‘what’ you can do, are posted regularly in the save money posts section.

And like I mentioned in the make money section, I don’t believe in reinventing wheels, so where I find useful information or websites which you’ll find helpful in the quest to save money and live a better lifestyle, I’ll point you towards them. So keep checking back for all the latest information.


Basics Part 1

mindset-1484x1920Your Mindset?

This is very boring but absolutely critical to your success.

You’ve not only got to want to save money but you’ve REALLY got to want to save it! even if it means you have to reset your mind and maybe give up things you may have been used too.

You have to be disciplined to follow some simple rules  you have to be honest with yourself that you are REALLY doing what needs doing, questioning what you’ve done before, and more importantly you have to make those hard decisions by taking action.

You have to examine in your own circumstances, what is a ‘nice to have’?, e.g. a coffee from the store on the way to the office or shops, what are the alternatives and what is an ‘essential’ e.g. a glass of water to survive. These may be only short term decisions to change the way you’ve lived before, but they will be important in the short term whilst you get on track and will also increase your long term chances of sustainable success.


Basics Part 2

Where are you now?

I am assuming you know the answer to this question because either:

  1. You are just generally highly organised and efficient
  2. You have gained the answers from following the advice on the make money page of this website or you ‘filled-out’ the templates contained in the free book ‘7 critical steps to making more money‘.

If you didn’t do either and haven’t a clue what it’s all about then have a quick look at 2. above again and choose either of the links.


Basics Part 3

So now you know you need to Save Money?

Knowing this is the focus of your attention, there are 2 areas to consider:

  1. What can I save on what I spend now?
  2. Where can I save in the future?

The first of these builds on the work you did to note down all your spend in the 7 critical steps templates. You should take each and every item you listed here and be very tough with yourself and ask – do I really need spend this? What would happen if I didn’t spend it? What are the alternatives?

Prioritise your questioning.

Start off with the big spend areas i.e. those where you are spending the most money, because saving 1% of a big spend may well exceed saving 100% of a little spend.

Sometimes it’s a no brainer….you just have to spend on some things…but others may be a bit more subjective.

Sometimes you may just be cutting down but not doing without e.g. reducing that STARBUCKS coffee from a 16oz Grande to a 12oz Tall, you probably won’t miss the drink, but the change will do very nicely thank you.

Do you like snacking?, are biscuits part of your weekly food shop on your spend lists? Okay we all need a treat now and again… but if you cut down from 3 to 2 biscuits at break time, you’ll be saving 2/3 of your biscuit bill a year… again a little cash but still another few £’s in the bank.

There is an old saying – ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ – and it is so true when you look at saving what you spend now. saving a pound here or a dollar there each week may not sound like much…. but over a year that’s £50 or $50 saved… now imagine if you could do that with say 10 areas you currently spend money on… that would be £500 or $500 a year… well worth having.

Where can I save in the future is a whole new area to be considered.


Basics Part 4


Where can I save in the future?

Okay I’m a profit Mentor not a fortune teller.

As part of your own personal analysis to date you would have established the ‘GAP‘ between your current spend and your ‘GOAL‘  This goal will vary for every different person so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but there are some very common threads to consider and follow through, some obvious, and some not.

The key is to keep an open mind…remember that Mindset thing we talked about in part 1?

There are literally thousands of ways to save money going forward, some will be relevant to you and some will not, but the thing to keep in mind though is that you now have the mindset that challenges things you are thinking of buying.

Stop the impulse buying and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of what you want and what you really need.

There are many helpful comparison sites which help you address certain spend areas and our 1 stop comparison shop page puts many of these in one place for your convenience so check this out.

I also suggest that you check back to on a regular basis as our blog will bring to you all the latest tips, ideas and bargains to save money.


The Profit Mentor’s top 10 FREEBIE Websites?

If you’ve been following the Profit Mentor’ssaving money process’ so far, you could probably do with a short break, so put the kettle on, put your feet up and spend the next 3 minutes picking up tips on where you can find Freebies in the UK by watching the video below.



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